A couple of days ago I went to France and it was very very hot n perfect! I don’t study French so I had no idea what anyone was saying but it was still amazing.


Waking up at seven in the morning is fun, especially as I fell asleep at four. Thats a grand total of three hours sleep. BESIDES THE LACK OF SLEEP, I WAS VERY EXCITED. Travelling is one of the best parts of going on holiday because you get so hyped about the holiday and it is SUCH a good feeling. We arrived at Manchester airport and it was practically a sauna in the airport. It was way too hot. Wayyyyyy to hot. I spent at least 1 hour sat in the middle of duty free in front of the only air conditioner I could find. Not fun. But fun. My travel hype was keeping me going. FINALLY WE ARRIVED IN CARCASSONE, only to find that the car wouldn’t start.

After the car was FINALLY fixed, we drove to a massive supermarket to stop up on lots and lots of food and I ended up buying myself a super cute top from a little boutique next to it.

yes this is a terrible picture I know

My friends house is gorgeous, and its in a very beautiful location as well. It is unreal.


We went to this cool beach and went on this boat called the gator or something (I have a bad memory). It was like this cool boat which went very fast and was very bumpy and it swerved and did 360’s and all sorts of crazy stuff which was super cool and very unsettling. It also resulted in me hallucinating? Like is that normal?

In the evening we went back to the mall and I went to my new official FAVOURITE shop called ‘Undiz’. Coolest shop ever. Victorias secret is gonna have to up their game.



After a fancy McDonalds dinner, you can never go wrong with a McDonalds, we drove up  to an amusement park. YES A FAIR, I LOVE FAIRZ, I LOVE RIDES, WOOOOOOOO. It was FAB. You can never not have a good time at a fair. They are amazing.


We returned to the beach to do another activity, I don’t know how to describe it, I guess its kind of like a banana boat activity but you lie on like a circle and hang on for your life. Also, very fun and no hallucinations this time. The afternoon consisted of me getting extremely burnt. Especially on my ASS. Fab.

AND THEN. And then. AND THEN WE WENT TO THE BEST BUFFET OF MY LIFE. I MEAN I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH FOOD IN MY LIFE. You could think of any food, and they would have it.


Travelling back from a holiday is always the worst thing about going on holiday. Because we had a connecting flight to get on to the last thing we needed was a delayed plane. And what did we get? A delayed plane. Naturally everyone was freaking out. We had 15 minutes to sprint through gatwick and get onto the next flight which involved me knocking out at least 5 old people in the process. We did however manage to make it on to the next flight, thank the Lord.



Lotta Love

Tabby xoxo


Sun and more sun

HI Y’aLL!!!!

TT week is fast approaching and for those who have never heard of the TT, it is basically one of the worlds biggest motorcycling events that takes place where I live, on the Isle of Man. In fact, I think it may be the biggest but I am not to sure. It is definitely one of the best things about living on the Island. I’m not gonna lie, I am soooooo not interested in motorbikes or any of that but the atmosphere and the fact that there is a fair makes it so exciting. Plus the super bike races are actually pretty cool even though it feels like when they drive past they are gonna fly into you.

Actually, funnily enough when I was in Obergurgle (Austria), I was sitting on a long ski lift ride up to a red run and I was sat next to two American guys who were asking about where I was from. After telling them I was from the Isle of Man they proceeded to start getting excited about the fact that the TT was there and that they always wanted to go. It is actually amazing how big the races are even though we are such a tiny Island. One of them even had a picture from the 2016 races as his home screen even though he’d never been.

BUT BACK TO THE BIT ABOUT THE FAIR. I am a huge thrill seeker. Well, only when it comes to stuff like theme parks, I’m not sure I’d ever want to throw myself out a plane. Although thats only because I wouldn’t be bothered to sit through the long safety briefing because I am very impatient. Not a good quality, I know. BUT ANYWAY, THERE IS A FAIR. Who cares if you pay loads of money for about 20 seconds on a lethal ride that is built in less than 24 hours, FAIRS ARE GREAT. Yes, one year I did spend over 50 pounds on a ride called vertigo which I went on at least 10 times but I have absolutely no regrets at all. It was so worth it. Who doesn’t love a good fair. Obviously its nothing compared to fairs such as ‘Winter-wonderland’ in London but for a tiny Island with only Topshop and a Maccies, it is pretty amazing.


I only have four exams left CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I can’t wait to walk out of my final exam. But I can wait for results day. This summer I am going to Antigua and I am so excited and I will probably be blogging every day out there. So prepare for the spam. Also, I got Tumblr and I have no idea how it works so if someone could explain it to me I would be eternally grateful cuz I’m really confused😀

Anyways, I haven’t been able to take any nice photos recently because I have been so busy with my exams but here are some photos of my past holidays 🙂


Tabby xo

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Easter and more exams


So much for it being a holiday. I am so fed up with revision I can’t even cope ugh. Its so gorgeous and lovely outside and I am stuck in doors revising. Exams will be the DEATH of me. On a brighter note, I went to London for a couple of days and bought some brand new MAC eyeliner which I am LOVING. My Kat Von D eyeliner has run out 😦

I took myself to an art museum in London and they had a really funky exhibition on about selfies n stuff and it was SICK. I also went to a Lindsey Stirling concert WHICH WAS AMAZING BTW OMG I CANT EVEN SHE WAS AMAZING.

Just before easter my dance school and I all went to manchester to compete in UDANCE which was such an amazing experience as well as being extremely nerve racking. Plus, on the Friday we arrived at, we got to go to the Trafford centre and I haven’t been shopping for literally months so that was FAB. Now I have no money left but oh well :)).

On the second day we had lots of workshops which were all so so so different but so cool and in the evening we performed and it went so well!!


Right so yesterday I went into McDonalds because who doesn’t love a good McDonalds and as I was walking through the door a girl turned around and said to her friend ‘ew what is she wearing.’ I was wearing a black tennis skirt and a black top. Why do people judge others? Why even say it? Why say it out loud to purposefully hurt me? Thank god I am not the person I was last year because if I was, that comment, even though its tiny, would have eaten me up. However I am stronger now. But what I don’t understand is why some people think its acceptable to say those sorts of things, and shame others for being individual. Individuality is a beautiful thing, people should embrace it rather than shun it because its different. Do not ever make people feel uncomfortable about being themselves because that is horrible and stupid comments can impact people harder than you think. Anyway rant over 🙂

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tabs xoxo



Austria and exams


I haven’t posted in agessssssss because I’ve had so much school work with my GCSE’s coming up. Last week was my only proper break and I went to Austria with my family.

I haven’t skied in 6 years and the last time I went was kind of a disaster. My sister broke her leg on the second day and I ended up in hospital with tonsillitis.  So my parents decided after 6 years it was time to try n ski again WITHOUT any injuries. SPOILER: NO-ONE GOT INJURED!!!!!!

We arrived at this really cute hotel and it was freeeeeezing outside, like -10000 degrees. Being me, I was soooooo not dressed right for the weather with a cropped hoodie on.


I was forced to wake up at SEVEN. UGH. We’d already had our skis fitted so we went straight to our lesson, I saw the instructor and skied towards him and then decked it. Like a full on face plant. In front of all the ski schools. So much for trying to look experienced.

By the end of the day I was so tired and basically having a breakdown at the top of a slope because it was so steep and all I could picture was me flying off the edge of the cliff. Lesson learnt: don’t run before you can walk or whatever that quote is.




I DID A JUMP FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yea, I may have fallen over but does that even matter???


WOOOOO SPA DAY, we went to this massive indoor spa with tons of pools, inside and outside. IT WAS HUGE. All the pools were soooooo warm and there was even a super cold pool which I decided to go in to and this old couple watched and applauded me. There was a slide which flashed on the inside and was actually really cool. It was such a cool place except I wasn’t allowed to take any photos 😦IMG_0788.JPG


I FINALLY NAILED THE JUMPS, ALL OF THEM!! Plus, for lunch I had the BEST Caesar salad ever. In the evening we went tobogganing and it was basically a life or death experience. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE TOBOGGANS, I COULDN’T TURN OR SLOW DOWN. It is so much harder than it looks, especially because I crashed into the walls at every turn and had they not been there I probably would have gone flying off the edge to my death xoxo. However it was definitely fun, I couldn’t tell if I was more excited or scared.


So much for nailing the jumps, I decked it again in front of these two Scottish snowboarders. Both my skis came flying off, and I literally was star-fished out with my face in the snow. However one of them came and helped and in the evening they taught me loads of really complicated card games which I sucked at.


Home again. We had to wake up at three in the morning because our flight was at six. I bought some new shoes from dune and threw out my old Kurt Geiger’s at the airport.

We were in a hotel in Obergurgle for the whole time, it was so pretty there. I wish I had taken more photos because it was so beautiful but I only have videos of me face planting on jumps. Tragic, I know.

I have to go practise for my Spanish orals now 😦

cyaaaaaaaaaaaaa laterrrrrrrr!!