Austria and exams


I haven’t posted in agessssssss because I’ve had so much school work with my GCSE’s coming up. Last week was my only proper break and I went to Austria with my family.

I haven’t skied in 6 years and the last time I went was kind of a disaster. My sister broke her leg on the second day and I ended up in hospital with tonsillitis.  So my parents decided after 6 years it was time to try n ski again WITHOUT any injuries. SPOILER: NO-ONE GOT INJURED!!!!!!

We arrived at this really cute hotel and it was freeeeeezing outside, like -10000 degrees. Being me, I was soooooo not dressed right for the weather with a cropped hoodie on.


I was forced to wake up at SEVEN. UGH. We’d already had our skis fitted so we went straight to our lesson, I saw the instructor and skied towards him and then decked it. Like a full on face plant. In front of all the ski schools. So much for trying to look experienced.

By the end of the day I was so tired and basically having a breakdown at the top of a slope because it was so steep and all I could picture was me flying off the edge of the cliff. Lesson learnt: don’t run before you can walk or whatever that quote is.




I DID A JUMP FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yea, I may have fallen over but does that even matter???


WOOOOO SPA DAY, we went to this massive indoor spa with tons of pools, inside and outside. IT WAS HUGE. All the pools were soooooo warm and there was even a super cold pool which I decided to go in to and this old couple watched and applauded me. There was a slide which flashed on the inside and was actually really cool. It was such a cool place except I wasn’t allowed to take any photos 😦IMG_0788.JPG


I FINALLY NAILED THE JUMPS, ALL OF THEM!! Plus, for lunch I had the BEST Caesar salad ever. In the evening we went tobogganing and it was basically a life or death experience. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE TOBOGGANS, I COULDN’T TURN OR SLOW DOWN. It is so much harder than it looks, especially because I crashed into the walls at every turn and had they not been there I probably would have gone flying off the edge to my death xoxo. However it was definitely fun, I couldn’t tell if I was more excited or scared.


So much for nailing the jumps, I decked it again in front of these two Scottish snowboarders. Both my skis came flying off, and I literally was star-fished out with my face in the snow. However one of them came and helped and in the evening they taught me loads of really complicated card games which I sucked at.


Home again. We had to wake up at three in the morning because our flight was at six. I bought some new shoes from dune and threw out my old Kurt Geiger’s at the airport.

We were in a hotel in Obergurgle for the whole time, it was so pretty there. I wish I had taken more photos because it was so beautiful but I only have videos of me face planting on jumps. Tragic, I know.

I have to go practise for my Spanish orals now 😦

cyaaaaaaaaaaaaa laterrrrrrrr!!








Hamsters and Selfies

HI ITS ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I am currently sat at home online shopping at ASOS, and yelling at my sister because she is being very irritating. SHE WONT STOP SHOOTING ME WITH HER LEGO GUN. Anyways, there is so much stuff I want but I am lacking in money.

I also just downloaded tumblr, I am not very sure how it works so if anyone could give me any tips on it that would be a HUGE help!!!!!  Go check out my Instagram!!

Recently, I got a new hamster who I have decided to call Marble bcuz she is very fat and round, she is so cute!!!! I got her a pink cage that would match my room but she has already made a mess of it. She runs on her wheel at night and keeps me awake but it’s okay because she is really cute.

In the photos above I added in a quick little sunset picture because the sky looked so pretty! I usually am not the kind of person to take sunset pictures but the sky just looked so beautiful and silhouetted the trees. It was very surreal.

I have been meaning to find the charger for my camera so I can actually take some decent pictures, rather than just taking selfies on my iPhone 😀

I love chokers. I have an obsession. Here are some prettttyyyyyyy ones:

Also the featured photo is one I found of me playing the violin from a couple of months ago. Currently I am working on my first song which is SUPER important for me!!! It will be done soon!






I have had a seriously busy week, its been halloween, bonfire night and American election day is tomorrow. To be honest I think election day is actually more scary than halloween. For halloween I went as a cat because, yes, I am basic. I went into town with the sole purpose of buying myself a double chocolatey chip frappe-chino from Starbucks because they taste so damn good and then remembered it was Halloween. I then went on the search for cat ears and a choker because that was all that popped into my head and found a cute lil headband with ears on in new look. It was only like four pounds and it was rose gold and who can’t resist rose gold. I also managed to find a thick black choker in Topshop. I actually forgot to buy myself a frappe-chino.


Bonfire night was cancelled because of the wind but luckily they changed the day and eventually the display took place. I have never been so cold in my entire life. It was bloody freezing.

On Friday I finally got my braces off. That was like such a massive thing for me because I have had pieces of metal glued to my teeth for THREE WHOLE YEARS. YES, THREE YEARS. It was super painful, I actually thought he was snapping my teeth off. Before I could even look at my teeth once my braces were removed my dentist shoved a weird mould thing in my mouth for retainers or something idk and I started gagging. It was horrible but so worth it. I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Last week, on Saturday, I was feeling really down and had a lil breakdown in Waterstones. I am not sure why I was in Waterstones but I think I chose to go there because it was warm and cozy and no-one was in there. Everything was kind of a blur. After I managed to pull myself together and I was ready to go and join my friends again I went outside and there was this fiddler. I play the violin so I stopped to watch for a bit, it was dark and no-one was really around. After he played he smiled and asked if I wanted to play, and in the state I was in I was kind of like sure, why not. I played a Lindsey Stirling piece because it was the only one that popped into my head at the time, and as I played (as cringy as this sounds) I felt empowered, like my confidence was falling back into place and the old man was clapping and dancing and the other two people on the street came to watch. A little five year old boy came up and gave me a pound, I tried to give it to the fiddler but he refused to take it and said I had earned it.

After feeling so low, it was a really precious moment for me. Like one of those small things that happen that turn into amazing memories. I’m sorry this sounds super cringy I’ll stop. Anyways, I went back after getting a costa to go and thank the guy for being so kind and there was like no sign of him.

Im gonna go 4 now but plz check out my insta:

cyaaaaaaa xo