So basically this week I went to London to visit family and stuff and shop. I have lived in London for 11 years but this time I went I felt like SUCH an outsider because I actually haven’t been back for ages. (I live in the middle of the sea somewhere). I haven’t been on the tube for years and I swear it was so weird going on it considering the only train I have been on recently is a steam train.

For half the trip my Dad decided to drag me around art museums however they were actually more interesting than I thought. Plus there was no-one around so I decided to be stupid and take loads of non-indie stupid looking photos because I think I’m really cool.

Also I bought loadzzzzzzz of clothes from Topshop, Pull&Bear and various other places. The jacket in that photo is from Mistress Rocks which is actually a super cool brand I discovered and they have some really cool stuff so you should go check them out.

Its halloween tomorrow and I’m so basic so I am going as a cat because I couldn’t think of anything else. Plus it means I can wear my fluffy bomber jacket. I wanted to go as eleven from stranger things so badly because I LOVE stranger things. Its such a good show, I hate scary things and creepy stuff but stranger things is so amazing and interesting. If you are wanting to binge watch a TV show this halloween I seriously recommend Stranger things.

K bye 4 now



First blog post

Hi, my name is Tabitha if you didn’t already know from the title. To be honest, I don’t really know what to say without being completly cringy. I like pizza, steak and chinese. I basically really like food. And music. Music is good.

A couple of nights ago me and my friends went to go and watch Justin Bieber perform in manchester and I’m going to be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of his however his show was so damn good like so so damn good. I mean his voice is just incredible. Plus the guy that stripped and ran towards the stage yelling really added to the atmosphere.

I am supposed to write a song by the end of half term for a project but I am really struggling and every time I try and sit to write something I just end up online shopping. Which is fun, but sad because I have no money and I end up wasting time and NOT writing anything. This is basically the same with everything I try to do.

Today, I managed to spend at least three whole hours in Topshop, maybe five. By the end of it my bank account was empty. It was so worth it. Best day ever.

I’ve actually been in London for the past few days, I live on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere and it has zero shops on it so being here is HEAVEN.

K well bye 4 now xox